Jobox Card Reader

Learn more about how to connect the Jobox Card Reader, and the benefits of using the device.

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Get started with a new Jobox Card Reader!

Why Jobox Card Reader?

  • Dip, swipe, or tap credit cards

  • Accept Apple Pay and Google Pay

  • Contactless payments by using Tap. Contactless payments are safe and highly secure. They have the same protection as Chip & PIN payments, making them safer than cash.

  • Longer battery life and more durable hardware

  • Payments made with the Jobox Card Reader are covered from fraud disputes*.

  • Lower fees on non-manual charges. Check out the processing rates.

How to order your card reader?

Order it now at the Jobox Shopify store!

You can always access it from the Jobox App > Settings โš™๏ธ> Account Information > Order Card Reader.

Make sure your address is updated!

Getting Started With Your Reader

There are currently 2 different readers. Choose your reader below for details.

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