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Accept Credit Cards Manually ▶️

How to manually enter a credit card at payment 💳

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When you're ready to accept a credit card at payment, Jobox gives you the option to either use our Credit Card Reader, send a Remote Payment link to your customers, or manually enter a customer's credit card information. 

Here's how to manually take a payment:

1. Open the Jobox app
2. Find the job you're ready to accept payment for
3. Tap Charge

4. Enter Payment Details  and tap Charge

5. Select Credit and tap on Enter Card Details

7. Enter Credit Card Details and click Charge

8. Hand your device to the customer - Let the customer select a tip amount

9. Tap Process Payment 

10. Tap Continue to Signature
11. Hand over your device and allow the customer to sign 

12. The customer will tap Done Signing

13. Payment accepted! At this point, you should send your customer a receipt and close the job. 

Even though manual entry is an option, we want to remind you of the great benefits of using the Jobox Credit Card Reader:

  • Security - Using the card swiper is the only way to make sure your payments are secure. This means peace of mind for you and your customers 

  • Time - Save time with a simple swipe or dip instead of typing in several lines of information 

  • Reduce Disputes - Payments made securely through our swiper are less likely to be disputed by customers, and provide evidence in your favor in the event of a chargeback. 

-The Jobox Team

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