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Payment Disputes: Responding to the Bank
Payment Disputes: Responding to the Bank
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Once we receive your evidence, we’ll prepare a response to the bank to ensure you have the greatest chance of winning the dispute.

It generally takes 60-75 days for the bank to notify you of their decision.

Final decision from the bank

If the bank decides in your favor, there is no further action.

If the decision is in favor of your customer, the original payment will be reversed and the customer will receive a refund for the disputed amount. In doing so, the disputed amount will also be deducted from your account. If you do not have enough funds to cover the dispute amount, your account will be put into negative.

Unfortunately, when the bank makes their decision, it is final. Disputes are decided by the customer's bank and based on a number of factors. Often the decision on who wins a dispute comes down to a judgement call by the bank. For that reason, we sometimes have very light insight into how a judgement was reached.

For more information about how to prevent a dispute, see this article.

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