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Power Dispatch- Everything to know about Reports
Power Dispatch- Everything to know about Reports

All you need to know about Power Dispatch unique customized reports

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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the reports generated by our Power Dispatch system! Each time you mark a job as "Closed," our system automatically generates a variety of insightful reports to streamline your operations and enhance decision-making processes. In this article, we'll delve into the diverse range of reports available:

  1. Payments reports

  2. Overview reports

  3. Technicians statistics

  4. Company Statistics

  5. Metros reports

  6. Advertising reports

  7. Users report

  8. Type reports

  • The reports are created automatically every time you save a job on the status Closed.

  • You can modify the jobs in the reports by clicking on them, which redirects you to the Add Job page.

  • The rates in the reports are set automatically or manually according to the settings or manual changes at the time of the closing.

  • Settings changes only affect a new job. Any changes done to the company/technician rates in the Settings tab after a job was closed will NOT change the job’s current rates in the report. In order to change closed jobs you must change each job individually.

  1. Payments Report:

    The Payments report is where you see all your technicians and referral companies' balances; who owes you money and who you need to pay.

2. Overview Report

The Overview report provides a summary of all the job’s numbers and your own Master Company Profit in one place.

3. Technicians Statistics Report

The technician's statistics report shows you your technician’s closing and cancellation rates, their average job totals, and your gross income from each technician.

4. Company Statistics

In the Company statistics report you’ll find your referral companies closing and cancellation rates, their average jobs totals, and your gross income from each company.

5. Metros Reports

The Metro report gives you insights about the areas that you work in.

Here you can find which metro/ location does the most jobs, what

are the average totals of your jobs in that area, how many cancellations you have in each of your locations, and what is your gross profit in each metro.

6. Advertising Report

The advertising reports give you an easy way to track your advertising profitability by showing you your gross profit from each one of your advertising campaigns.

7. Users Report

The Users report gives you insights about your software users, including dispatchers, administrators, and owners.

8. Type Reports

The Type report gives you statistics about your job descriptions.

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