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Becoming an individual technician- what to expect?
Becoming an individual technician- what to expect?

Leaving a team? starting your own business? if so this article is for you!

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When leaving a team or opening a new business, there are a few things that you should set up in the app. Here is what you need to know to make sure you are ready and set to get started. Please follow the steps to ensure a smooth start:

Setting up your account

  • Now that you are operating as an Individual technician/ business owner, you should make sure that your ID, SSN/ITIN, and EIN (if applicable) are on file. Please click on the links to easily upload these documents to the app:

For more information please see Identity Verification Requirement

Payment Processing

  • Order a card reader - for secure transactions and a touchless payment experience. Get all your credit card payments directly to your Wallet. Here's how to Order a card reader

    ​Already have a Jobox Terminal card reader? You don't need a new one. You can keep working as you were before. The funds will go directly to your Jobox Wallet.

  • Connect your bank account to the app securely through PLAID for a quick cashout. Click here to learn more on how to connect your bank account securely.

  • Jobox credit card fees - For on-site charges, the recommended method is using the chip or swipe. This will reduce the risk of disputes and will be the most secure way to charge your customer. For remote payments, you can use the remote invoice feature or the manual charge option. Read more on Understanding Jobox's Credit Card Processing Rates

  • Refunds - You can refund any charge at any time. Read more on how to request a refund

  • Disputes - When running a business, it's important to properly document your hard work by using signed invoices, sending out receipts, and storing any proof of labor that was done. Learn more about disputes and payment responsibilities.

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