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Troubleshooting the Jobox Card Reader
Troubleshooting the Jobox Card Reader

Having troubles with your Card Reader device? Follow these steps to find and solve the issue

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Below are a few steps you need to take to ensure the card reader works:

  • CHARGE - Make sure the card reader is fully charged.

  • BLUETOOTH - Turned ON. DO NOT pair the device.

  • SETTINGS - On your device settings, make sure to set Location Services ON.

  • PERMISSIONS - From your phone settings > Applications > Jobox, “Allow Jobox to access Location” is set to ALWAYS.

  • UPDATE your Jobox App

  • ​UPDATE THE CARD READER FIRMWARE - Click on Settings to access Account Information. Select "Update Reader Firmware" and follow the steps on the screen.

Give it a few minutes and try again. If you're still having trouble, try the reset below.

RESET - Take a pin, press for 10 seconds on the reset button at the bottom of the card reader.

If the reader is still unresponsive - try to turn it off, press and hold for 30 seconds, and then back ON.

You will see a flashing blue light 🔵 when the reader is ready to connect.

Still having trouble? Contact us via live chat in the app.

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