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PowerDispatch-Jobox integration tutorial
PowerDispatch-Jobox integration tutorial

Complete instructions on fine tuning your PowerDispatch-Jobox integration

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With the Jobox integration now active for any account with Twilio, making the most of the integration to progress your business is a given, use the below options to configure your account to the maximum benefit.


To use the Jobox integration you must have Twilio fully set up to send and receive text messages. Here is where you set up your Twilio account: setting up your own Twilio account. Once done, you can simply connect it to your PowerDispatch account on the PowerDispatch's Twilio settings page.

There are many technician options that work with the Jobox integration, below we will dive into each option and how it may affect your business if you choose to use it.

  • Technician

    • Portal Password

      • This must be left empty for the integration to work.

  • Notification options

    • Phone

      • Invite your technician using the "Invite all techs to Jobox" button on the main page, this will invite your technicians and if you don't uncheck the "Update tech phone number to Jobox number once available" option then the tech's phone number in PowerDispatch will be automatically updated to his new Jobox phone number once he allows you to receive it.

      • If you are setting up a new technician you can choose any provider as that is no longer used when you have Twilio setup.

  • Permissions

    • You can read below or simply click the Use recommended defaults button

    • Tech portal

      • This creates and sends out the TechPortal link to the technician and is required for the integration.

    • Close jobs

      • This enables the tech to input the job closing data into PowerDispatch, when used the job will switch status to Pending close and all closing data will be displayed.

    • Skip Pending Close

      • This permission works with the close job permission, when it is on and the tech closes the job from the Jobox app then the job will skip the Pending Close status and go directly to close status, use this once you see the tech closes the jobs properly for a while.

    • Cancel Jobs

      • The Cancel Jobs permission will enable the tech to cancel jobs from the TechPortal or from the Jobox app. Once used the job will switch to Pending Cancel status for review by the dispatcher.

    • Skip Pending cancel

      • Same as skip pending close this permission allows techs you trust to move jobs to cancel status without any review of the job by a dispatcher.

    • Handle declines as cancel

      • If the tech is the only technician you have for the region you can use this to cancel all jobs that are declined by the technician automatically.

  • You can read below or simply click the Use recommended defaults button

  • Confirm Jobs

    • If you turn on this feature by selecting “Move jobs to in progress when the technician confirm them” then the jobs will automatically move to in progress when technician confirm the jobs on the jobox app saving you valuable resources and time calling the technician to verify he accepted the job.

  • Decline Jobs

    • If you turn on the “Move jobs to accepted when declined by the technician” then you will be immediately and very clearly notified the job has been declined by the technician and further action from the dispatcher side is needed.

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