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Parts Price, Labor Price, and Sales Tax ▶️
Parts Price, Labor Price, and Sales Tax ▶️

Itemize the Job Total Amount into Parts, Labor, and Sales Tax and give your customer a clear and transparent understanding of the charge.

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At Jobox, we are always working on improving the user experience for our users. In this feature, you have the ability to itemize the Job Total Amount into Parts, Labor, and Sales Tax. You can choose to apply the tax on parts only or on parts and labor.

You can set your tax rate as a default in your settings, and also change it on a job level.

  • Scroll down for a full video of the charge flow ▶️

Payment breakdown on the charge flow:

Note: these details on the charge page will appear on the customer's receipt.

  1. Click on Charge

  2. Enter the labor amount on the LABOR PRICE FOR RECEIPT field. This will be the job subtotal before adding any parts cost associated with this job.

  3. Enter parts amount on the PARTS PRICE FOR RECEIPT filed. This will be the cost of the parts that you would like to show your customer on the receipt.

  4. You will see the default tax rate that you previously set up. Should you need to change the sales tax rate, click on the PENCIL ICON, enter the new sales tax rate and apply it to PARTS ONLY or PARTS + LABOR, and click UPDATE

5. Add the description of the work and any notes, policies, or guarantees you want to provide your customer. (The more details and information you give, the more protected the charge from being disputed).

6. Click on CHARGE and the new price get's automatically calculated for you.

7. Finish payment processing and closing as usual.

Report parts to the job owner:

To report parts to the job owner, on the Edit Closing page, after the charge flow, add the Parts by Me or Parts by Owner and add the amount. This is only internal reporting and will not be visible to the customer.

To update your Sales Tax settings:

  1. Click on Settings ⚙️ on the top right corner of your Jobs screen

  2. Click on Preferences

  3. In the Customer Payments Section, click on Default Sales Tax and enter the sales tax that is applicable.

  4. Click on Apply Sales Tax On and toggle between Parts Only or Parts + Labor.

  5. Click SAVE once finished to save your preferred settings.

** Check with your State's laws and advise your financial advisor on the state regulations to determine how Sales Tax is applied to any jobs you do.

All the details you entered in the charge breakdown, will be visible in the following places:

  • Customer's receipt

  • Job Details page

  • Estimates

  • Reports


Job details:


Video - full charge flow:

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