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In-App Refund Request Statement ▶️
In-App Refund Request Statement ▶️

Request a refund for your customer within the app, and immediately get a refund statement for your customer.

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You can now request a refund from your own Wallet Transactions in just a few clicks. When you submit the request, your customer receives an email confirming their refund will be processed within 24 hours. And you'll be notified once the refund is processed, all within the app!

Keep in mind:

  • Team/Wallet Owners will need to submit these requests. If you're a team technician, please ask the Wallet Owner to request the refund.

  • The refund amount should not be higher than the job amount.

  • If you change your mind after submitting a request or you need to edit your request, contact Jobox Support and they'll help you.

▶️ Watch a short video on how to request an in-app refund statement:

You can request a refund within your app in 2 ways:

  • From the Job Details page in History, OR

  • From the Transaction details in your Wallet.

If you are a wallet owner, you can go directly to the transaction in your wallet without the job details page > Skip to step 3

Watch a quick video on how to request a refund.


Just a few easy steps:

1. Click History at the top left, then click on the job you need to request a refund for.

2. Click the credit card information (see image below)

This will take you to the Transaction Details page in your wallet.

3. Click “Customer refund” at the bottom of the page, and follow the questions.

4. Fill in the Refund Amount and Customer’s email address, if you have it.

Then click Submit Form.

NOTE: If you enter the customer’s email address, they’ll receive a message that a refund is being requested and will be issued the next business day, and it will reflect on their statement in approximately 5-10 business days.

It's okay if you don't enter an email address. You can still send an updated refund statement after the Jobox Support Team processes the refund.

5. After you click Submit Form, you’ll see that your request was successfully submitted. The Jobox Support Team will process the refund within the next business day. After the refund is processed, you will see it in your Wallet Transactions.

Once you submit the request your customer will immediately receive this email about their refund, if you included their email address on the request form.

Once the refund is processed, the Jobox Support Team will send you an updated refund statement, via Chat, that you can forward to your customer.

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