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Get your customer's approval before you charge their card

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Getting your customer's approval before you complete the service or charge their card is a great way to protect yourself against disputes. We've made it easy! 

Here is how:

  1. Find the job you want to get approved and tap charge. 

**Note: You can create an estimate before you begin service or right before you charge. 

2. Tap Charge

3. Enter the job subtotal, and tax (if applicable)

4. Enter Customer Details and fill in Notes for Customer. Describe the work, breakdown the cost, write your policies, and more. Notes and customer information added here will show on the receipt.

5. Tap Add to include customer details.

6. Tap Invoice to preview what was done.

7. Tap EMAIL/TEXT to send the Invoice

8. Tap Send Invoice 

9. You will have a record of your sent Invoice! 

9. Charge the customer as usual and be sure to send a receipt! Details from the previous steps will automatically show here. 

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