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Using Jobox Without a Network Connection
Using Jobox Without a Network Connection

What happens when you're offline and how Jobox still works

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Out on the field, you might enter areas where your device can't maintain a strong connection to your cellular network. When this happens, you'll notice that some Jobox features become "View Only" or unavailable until you can reconnect. 

What does Jobox look like when I'm offline? 

Jobox will make several attempts to connect to your cellular network. If a strong connection can't be reached, you will see a "Low Network" banner on your screen. The banner will go away on it's own once your device reconnects.

What can I do with Jobox when I'm offline? 

Jobox will keep trying to reach your network, but in the meantime, you can still use some app features. 

Here's what's available: 


You can view all of the jobs in your Workspace, but actions like sending updates, accepting payment, updating summaries, and exporting reports are unavailable. 


You can view existing conversations, but without a connection, you can't send and receive messages. 

My Jobs

Without a network connection, Jobox is unable to load your job history. 


All of your account information is available to view but no edits can be made. You also won't be able to view your wallet and make transfers or chat with us. 

Getting help when you're offline

You won't be able to chat with us via the app when you're offline, but you can email us at, we will respond asap.

Network Connection Tips 

To avoid going offline, we recommend you follow some easy guidelines: 

  1. Make sure that your device is connected to a strong network from your service provider 

  2. If your device isn't connected to a cellular data network, you should connect to a strong Wi-Fi network.

  3. Try to avoid using Jobox when you are traveling in a vehicle or on public transportation.

-The Jobox Team

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