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Troubleshooting: iOS Notifications
Troubleshooting: iOS Notifications

How to make sure you're getting real-time app updates

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Make sure you always get the latest job updates and alerts from Jobox by turning on the right notifications in your phone's settings!

To get the most out of Jobox, make sure to turn on all of the possible notification types. Here's how: 

1. Open your phone's settings
2. Scroll until you find Jobox in your list of apps

3. Tap Notifications 

4. Allow Notifications 

5. Check off the locations where you want to see Jobox notifications. This includes new chats, job updates, messages from us, and more. 

6. Allow Sounds to hear alerts 

7. Allow Badges to see the notification badge (red circle) on the Jobox icon

You're ready to go with
We always recommend that you allow all notifications, banners, and badges, so that you're always updated about your jobs. 

-The Jobox Team.

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