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How to split between multiple payment methods

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1. Open the Jobox app
2. Find the Job you're ready to take payment for
3. Tap Charge 

4. Enter a Subtotal

5. Enter the Customer Information and after your estimate has been approved, tap Charge.

6. Tap the Pencil Icon next to the amount being charged.

7. Enter a Partial Payment, then tap Continue.

8. Select the first payment method and charge or report the payment. 

9. After you accept the first payment, tap Continue as Tech.

10. Select another form of payment. Then proceed to charge the remaining amount. For our example, we chose cash

11. After the customer has reviewed the charge and sent themselves a receipt, Tap Continue as Tech

12. Then Close the Job. 

Note: You will see a breakdown of how the payment in the job details.

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