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When a Contact Doesn't Use Jobox
When a Contact Doesn't Use Jobox

How to work with contacts who don't use Jobox

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Not all of your contacts use Jobox, but we've made it easy for you to work with them. Here's how that works: 

Sending Jobs 

You can still send and transfer jobs to contacts who don't use Jobox. They will receive a text message like this: 

When they click the link, you will get a message that they accepted the job. 

Your contact will receive all of the job information in the link. It will look like this:

Accepting Payment 

Contacts who don't have the Jobox app can still report to you when they accept payment by filling out this section of their job card and clicking Send Closing. 

Close for Tech

You can also close a job for a technician straight from your app. Learn how here


If you send a chat to a. contact without the app, they will receive it as a regular text message 

Sending Money

Sending money to a contact who doesn't use Jobox user is easy! Simply enter their bank information and they will see the deposit in their account in 1-3 days. Learn how here

-The Jobox Team

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