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How to make a wallet to wallet transfer

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You worked hard all week and you have money in your Wallet! When it come time to settle or pay vendors, you can instantly transfer funds to someone else on Jobox. 

Heres how: 

1. Open the Jobox app

2.  Tap Wallet 

3. Tap Transfer 

4. Select a Contact to transfer money to
      *Note: You can tell if a contact is using Jobox by our logo on their contact photo 

8. Enter the Amount you want to transfer

9. Tap Approve Transfer 

9. Confirm the Transfer 

 10. Hooray! Your contact will see the money in their Wallet instantly! 

Do I need to have money in my Jobox wallet to pay someone?

Yes. You need to have available funds in your Jobox wallet in order to transfer money.

Jobox Team 

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