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Send/Re-send a Receipt ▶️

How to send your customer a receipt

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Sending a detailed receipt to your customer is one of the best ways to provide good service and prevent disputes.

It's always good practice to add any additional notes about the service you performed, and confirm that you're sending the receipt to the correct email or phone number. 

If you've already closed a job, learn how to resend a receipt here.

Here's how: 

  1. Open the Jobox app

  2. Find the job that you want to send a receipt for.

3. Tap Close Job

4. Tap Receipt

5. Enter Customer Details and notes    
*Note: You should hand your device over to your customer so that they can fill in                     accurate information. Enter a phone number, email, or both! 

6. Tap Preview

7. Now you can review what the receipt will look like

8. Tap Send to send the receipt

9. Your receipt has been sent! 

-The Jobox Team

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