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Power Dispatch - Tech Portal
Power Dispatch - Tech Portal

Deep dive into the Tech Portal feature

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What is Technician Portal:

  • PowerDispatch’s unique technicians’ user interface.

  • Where your technicians can manage all their open jobs, confirm and decline jobs, comment on jobs, and enter their jobs’ closing information.

  • This is not a mandatory feature but it is vastly used by large companies.

  • If you record the technicians/client calls, the technician will also be able to call from here using your company’s Twilio phone number.

Advantages of Using the Tech Portal:

  • Saves time - The technician doesn’t need to call the office as often.

  • Prevents confusion in the office - Technicians comments and closing information

are registered directly in the job and not as an independant message.

  • Saves money- Comments between the office and the technicians, and vice versa, go through your PowerDispatch system directly and therefore Twilio SMS rates do not apply.

Raise closing rates- The technician gets the tools he needs to respond quickly and stay on top of his job schedule. He can browse his open jobs, call his clients, navigate or get direction to his jobs and much more.

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