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Power Disptach- Adding Referral Companys
Power Disptach- Adding Referral Companys

How to add Referral Companies to your Power Dispatch system

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To add a referral company to your system go to Settings - Companies - click on +Add Company

What to fill in:

Under the Company section:

Type in the Name of the company. This is the only mandatory field for the company settings and it will appear on SMS if the account system is set to show the referral company name.

Under the Notification Options section:

Set the company's contact information here. This will be useful for sending reports and working with job exchanges. (when the correct job exchange email is set the system will recognize and preselect the company when clicking on add job from job exchange messages.

Under the Company Rates section:

  • Here you set the percentages you give to the referral company for each job.

  • You should decide upfront if you want to use the Zones System or the Flat Rate system because this must match your technicians settings as well.

  • The flat rate system is NOT recommended because it won’t be selected automatically when closing a job. You can pay flat rates and still use the zone system by setting only Zone 1 for 24 hours, from 12:00 AM to 12:00 AM

    • Zone 1 through 3:

      • Use the Zone system if one of your companies or technicians are receiving different rates for day and night jobs. Make sure to always set rates in Zone 1, 2 and 3 even if the company gets the same rates during the day and night, just enter the same rates in both of the zones.

      • Zone 1: how much do you pay the referral company for jobs done during the Day? (%)

      • Zone 2: how much do you pay the referral company for jobs done during the Night? (%)

      • Zone 3: if you have more than two time zones enter the referral company rates here as well.

  • There is no need to set hours for the companies because the zone will be set by the technician’s zone hours.

    • Flat Rate: Use only if all your referral companies and technicians receive the same rates throughout the whole day and if you don’t want the Zone to be chosen automatically by the system.

    • Additional Fees: enter a dollar amount if the referral company takes additional fees from you for each job that they give you.

    • Special Rate: set the rate that this company will get for special rate jobs, (for all the job descriptions that are classified as special rates job type).

    • Credit Rate & Check Rate: If the referral company takes fees for running credit cards or checks for you, enter the rates here.

    • Payment by: Choose a default option - who will run credit cards and deposit checks: the master company (you) or the referral company. This is important to calculate who owes the money to who and you can change it manually for specific jobs if you need.

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