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Power Dispatch- Payments report
Power Dispatch- Payments report

Deep dive into Payment reports

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Payments Report:

The Payments report is where you see all your technicians and referral companies' balances; who owes you money and who you need to pay.

  • Click the Search button to view all the reports in all dates or choose specific dates to filter the report for your needs. It is recommended to only choose an End Date in order to find all jobs with open balances.

  • You now have a list of all your technicians and companies' specific reports and you can click on each one to expand his report.

  • You may email and print this report and export it to Excel when needed.

  • You can change the order of the jobs on the report by clicking on the columns titles ( Total, Date, etc)

  • You are also able to customize the technician report in the software’s settings and I will show you how to remove/add columns during setup.

Balance Vs. Profit

  • The Profit column is how much the technician or referral company made for the job.

  • The Balance column is how much they owe you or you owe them including parts and fees.

  • Balance is calculated differently depending on if the payment was made in cash or credit/ check and who has the money according to payment by (payment by applies to CC and check only).

Technician Balance:

  • Cash payment: positive balance showing you how much the technician owes you after he kept his commissions and reimbursement for parts he paid for.

  • Credit/Check payment: negative balance, showing you how much you owe the technician for his job and parts he paid for.

  • If you collect from your technicians all the cash and only later pay them (like with credit/check,) then you should disregard the balance column completely and only pay attention to the Profit and Parts columns. Or you can enter cash jobs as checks, with a check number: CASH.

Referral Companies Balance:

  • Cash payments: The balance will always be negative, showing you how much you owe the referral company.

  • Credit/Check payment: The balance varies depending on the Payment By selection

  • Payment by Referral Company: Positive balance showing you what the referral company owes you after they kept their fees and commissions for the job.

  • If the Referral Company charges you credit/check fees for running credit cards or accepting checks and the payment is by the Referral Company, the fees will be calculated in the balance.

  • Payment by My Company: Negative balance showing you how much you owe the referral company for the job.

  • Company credit/check fees are not calculated with this selection.

  • There is currently no option to charge the referral company credit/check fees.

  • However, you can choose payment by Referral company and look only at the Profit column to know how much you owe the referral company, (offer this option only in cases where the payment is always my company.)

  • If your Payment By varies, the only other way to charge ref companies credit/check fees, is to calculate the fees manually when using payment by my company and enter them as a dollar amount in the company parts field, (if you use this option, make sure to also remove the credit/check fees from the technician.)

Settling Jobs

  • Once the balance of the job is closed and the payment by the technicians/company is made, you can settle the job by marking the checkbox on the right side of each job or by choosing the top checkbox to mark the whole report. Then hit the Settle Jobs button on the bottom of the report.

  • You can view settled jobs and unsettle them at any time, by using the Show filter on the top of the report between the date filter and the search button.

  • Settling jobs can be done twice per job, once for the technician and once for the company, each is done separately on its own

    payment report section and it doesn’t affect any other reports.

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