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Power Disptach- Invoices, Receipts, Estimates, Work orders
Power Disptach- Invoices, Receipts, Estimates, Work orders

How to create Invoices, receipts, Estimates and Work orders?

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There are 2 ways to send invoices: via Tech Portal (link from the job) and from within the Power Dispatch system as a user.

  • Users can add invoices/estimates after a job has been created.

  • Either the user or technician can modify the document at the same time.

Via Tech Portal :

Once tech receives the job, it will be sent with a link directly to the tech portal, then click Documents (3rd option from the left on the above toolbar)

Click Add:

The document page will show, first choose the Document type


Then generate the document number by clicking Create number:


Fill in the document. When entering products make sure to put Quantity, Description, and Price, Tax rate is optional


The technician can ask customers to sign here, once everything is complete click Save or Save & E-Mail.


Via Power Dispatch system :

Go to Jobs > Select the job > Docs tab > Add


Then fill in the document following the same instructions above.

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