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Power Dispatch- Adding a user
Power Dispatch- Adding a user

How to add a user on my Power Dispatch system?

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There are 3 types of users that you can add to your account, each user has its own special set of responsibilities and permissions.

This article contains the following guide:

  1. Types of users

  2. How to add a user

  3. User permissions

  4. Change username and password

  5. What to do if I or my users forget their password

1. Types of users:


  • Every account should have at least one owner.

  • Only owners can add and or edit existing owner users.


  • Users in higher positions (Ex: office manager, billing person…)

  • Administrator users can see all the tabs that the Owner can see.

  • If the Administrator has all the permissions, he can do everything that the Owner can do, besides changing the Owner user.


  • Users are used for dispatchers and office employees who should have limited access to company information.

  • Minimum access to the software features: Users can only see the software with the first 4 tabs and they can NOT access the software Settings, Reports, and Share tabs.

2. How to add a user

Go to Settings - Users - click the +Add user button and fill in mandatory fields.

  • The password must contain at least 8 characters, with uppercase, lowercase, and digit characters. Once the new password satisfies the requirements the field will change the color from Red to White.

  • For maximum control over the account holders and to be able to track the user's performances, it is highly recommended to have a different user for each person who needs access to the software.

3. User permissions

**View Table:** Users can review the table displaying rates for companies and technicians when closing a job.

**Edit Table:** Users can manually adjust the rates for companies and technicians within the table when closing a job.

**Unlock Jobs:** Users are granted permission to modify jobs even after they have been closed or canceled. Without this permission, jobs become locked after closure or cancellation, and the option to save changes is no longer available.

**View Messages:** Users can access and view messages from the designated tab.

**View Attachments:** Users can view attachments, including reports received via email, within the messages tab.

**Delete Messages:** Users have the authority to permanently remove messages from the messages tab.

**View Activities:** Users can review activities logged within the system via the Activities tab.

**Edit Users:** Users possess the capability to edit other user profiles, excluding Owners unless they also hold Owner status. This includes modifying passwords, usernames, and user permissions.

**Close Jobs on Zero:** Users can finalize jobs without requiring payment, resulting in zero profit shown in the reports for these specific jobs.

**Delete Jobs:** Users can permanently remove jobs from the system.

**Job Settlements:** Users with access to system reports can settle jobs directly within the report interface.

**Change Zones:** Users have the option to manually adjust the time zone associated with a job when closing it.

4. Change username and password

To change the username or password, go to Settings - Users - select the user you want to change and change the content of the username or password field. Then click Save.

5. What to do if I or my users forget their password

If you or your users forget their password, here's the solution:

  • Owner's Password: If the owner forgets the password, they can contact our customer support via email at Our support team operates during business hours, Monday to Friday, from 9 AM to 6 PM EST.

  • User's Password: In case a user forgets their password, the owner can facilitate a password reset by following the steps outlined in Section IV: "Change Username and Password".

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