Thank you for being part of the Jobox Community. In the video, we’ll talk about how to accept and complete a job on Jobox. You can also follow the step below.

If you see a green Connect Button on your main Jobs screen, it means that you are active and eligible to receive jobs from Jobox.

You will receive alerts every time a nearby job matching your skills and schedule becomes available.

Tap on the notification or open the Jobox app to see the job on your dashboard. The description will let you know the type of job, location, and percentage cut you will receive if you accept it. You must accept the job within 2 to 3 minutes. If not, it will be sent to the next available pro.

Once you accept a job, Jobox will share the customer’s contact details with you. Call the customer within 5 minutes of accepting the job to make sure they don’t keep looking for another pro. This initial phone call will also help you understand the full scope of the job so you can optimize your time and your customer’s satisfaction.

When you accept the job, Jobox will provide you with driving directions to the job location. It will also share your ETA with the customer to ensure that they are ready and waiting for you when you get there.

Once at the job location, create an invoice and get the customer’s approval prior to starting the job. Securing approval improves the customer’s experience and reduces the chances of disputes.

You may get customer approval in person via the app or by email or text message.

Once the work is completed, you can collect the payment from the customer via credit card using your Jobox Terminal credit card reader. The Terminal connects with Bluetooth, so make sure your Bluetooth is on when connecting the reader.

Your customer can also add tips for your service directly in the app. If you process the payment with a credit card, your cut will be immediately added to your Jobox Wallet when you close the job. You always keep 100% of the tip and it will immediately be added to your wallet.

Once you have collected payment, it’s time to close your job. Remember to add your parts before closing. You will see the settlement status for each closed job in your Jobox report.

If you have any questions, please contact the Jobox Support team using the support live chat in the Jobox app or via email at:

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