Before Multi-Offer, Jobox sent a job to one pro at a time. That meant other available pros had to wait in line to get the offer, making it longer for the job to get accepted and completed.

The new Multi-Offer dispatching algorithm sends each job offer to the top three pros available to fulfill that job based on performance and preferences. If none of the 3 pros respond to the offer within 3 minutes, Jobox selects another 3 pros to send the job to, and so on.

With Multi-Offer, Jobox increases the speed at which a job gets accepted and completed, which in turn increases the satisfaction of the end customer. Pros get more jobs sent to their Jobox app, while demand partners increase their job completion rates.

The best thing is that you’ll start getting more job offers. Multi-Offer lets pros see relevant job offers in shorter time frames than before. If you’re available to take the job and respond quickly, the job is yours!

ℹ️ Question for pros: A job offer that disappeared from my dashboard reappeared a few minutes after. What happened?

A: If a job offer that was revoked reappears on your dashboard, it means that the pro who first accepted the job offer ended up canceling it. If that happens, Jobox sends the job back to you to give you another chance to accept it.

ℹ️ Question for partners: A job dispatched to Jobox pros was canceled and sent back to us. What happened?

A: A job will be automatically canceled back to the partner if no pro was found after multiple dispatching attempts for over 15 minutes for ASAP jobs, and 90 minutes for scheduled jobs.

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