Sometimes you may not be available for a job and need to send it to someone else. The Jobox app enables you to send a job you're not available to complete to the Community at large, so that another pro completes it for you. This shows your customers you are a reliable partner who can help them find a solution even when you are not available. And you still get to make a small share of the profit for referring the job. We call these jobs Community jobs.

Once you share a job with the community, the Jobox algorithm will make sure to match it with a nearby available pro who has the right skills.

This also means that as a member of the Jobox community, you can receive jobs from other pros in the Jobox app. By sharing jobs, pros can earn more money on their own terms.

Sending Jobs to the Community

Who can share Community jobs?

Any pro who has signed up to Connect can share a job with the community.

What kind of jobs can I share?

You can share any job you receive with the community. Just send it on the app and we’ll match it to the right pro.

How does it work?

Sharing a job with the Jobox community is like sharing a job in a WhatsApp group, just a lot simpler. Add the job information in the Jobox app, and share it with the contact called "Community". You'll be notified as soon as our matching algorithm finds an available nearby pro to complete the job. Once the pro has completed and closed the job, Jobox will automatically credit your share into your Jobox wallet. No need to chase your money down anymore.

What are the advantages of Community jobs?

Community jobs help pros complete more jobs and earn more money on their own terms. The entire process is secure, hassle-free, and takes minutes. We won’t reveal at any time the source of your jobs or the pro who completes it, but you’ll get full visibility the minute the job is done by a certified pro.

Who will complete my job?

Jobox Connect will match your job to an available nearby pro with the right skillset. Once the pro completes the job, you'll get your share of the profit!

Do I need to talk directly to the pro who completes the job?

No. Jobox takes care of all communication between the end customer and the assigned pro, so you can focus on more important things. Jobox keeps the identity of both the pro sending the job and the pro doing the job confidential to maintain the privacy of both parties.

How will I get my share?

Once you send a job, Jobox will communicate your share to you before matching the job with a pro. You can cancel the job at any time before a payment is processed. If you cancel a job, you will not receive your share.

What will happen if your algorithm can’t find a pro for me?

If for any reason we can’t find a pro to complete your job, Jobox will notify you in the app.

Accepting Jobs from the Community

How can I complete jobs that are shared with the Community?

Jobox will automatically match you with jobs in your area based on your skills and availability. Make sure you keep location settings to “Always On” so we can send you the closest jobs.

How do I complete a Community job?

You can complete Community jobs as you would your own jobs. Make sure to send your receipt and close the job when you’re done. Once the job is closed, Jobox will automatically handle settlement for you with the job sender.

When will I get my share?

Jobs paid by credit card will be settled within 24 hours. Cash and check jobs will be handled on the following Monday.

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