We made Jobox so you can take control of your business, and scale it on your own terms. Partner jobs on Jobox let you connect to some of the biggest brands in the service space. Get consistent jobs that match your skillset, location and availability. Earn more money on your own terms.

What are partner jobs?

Many brands and businesses around the US receive job requests from their customers but are not able to fulfill them. Jobox enables these brands to send the jobs to the Jobox community to get fulfilled. If you qualify for the jobs, you will see them directly in your Jobox app when they become available.

Why are partner jobs important for the community?

Partner jobs will increase the number of jobs available to the community. More jobs means you have more opportunities to earn more.

How does it work?

We match partner jobs to you based on various criteria, including whether or not you are available, if you are close to the job, and if you have the right skills to complete it. When you qualify for a job, you will receive it directly in your Jobox app. You can decide whether or not to accept it in the app. If you choose to accept a job, we ask you to complete it as quickly as possible, following the instructions in the app. Once you've completed the job, Jobox will issue a branded receipt from the partner to the customer.

What is my share for partner jobs?

Your share depends on the job type. You’ll have the chance to review it before accepting a job. Jobox works hard with our partners to ensure that you get a fair share of the profit on every job. With Jobox, you’re part of a community—and in that community, your success matters.

What is the role of Jobox?

Jobox puts your business in your hands. It finds you good jobs that make sense for your schedule, location, and skillset. It makes it easy to manage jobs, payments, work messages and inventory in one app. It also protects your privacy by generating a Jobox virtual phone number for you to communicate with customers and partners.

When will partner jobs available in my area?

Pros around the US are already completing thousands of partner jobs in selected cities every week. We are working hard to make partner jobs available in every major metropolitan areas in the US. We will notify you via email and on the app as soon as partner jobs become available in your area.

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