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More reasons for you to tell us why you canceled a job
More reasons for you to tell us why you canceled a job

More precise cancellation reasons will help us find you job offers that are a better fit for your skillset, availability, and location.

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There can be many different reasons why you cancel a job. If you are not able to communicate the real reason, we may send you a similar job that wouldn’t be a good fit in the future. By giving you more and easier ways to report the reason why you canceled or rejected a job, we ensure that we can find you jobs that better match your needs.

We’ve added more details to the list of cancellation reasons, so now you can be more precise when letting us know why the job was not a good fit. We also now give you the space to add more information about why you rejected the job.

How do I cancel a job?

If you need to cancel a job for any reason, you should report it within 3 minutes of accepting the job offer.

To do so, click on “Update” on the job ticket and then tap “Cancel Job” at the top of the page to open the cancellation reasons.

Choose the most relevant reason and sub-reason for the cancellation:

  • Customer did not answer

  • Customer resolved

    • Service no longer needed

    • Another technician is on the job

    • Customer only wanted a quote

    • Schedule issues

  • Tech declined

    • Have the same job from another source

    • Busy with another job

    • Customer declined price *

    • Too far

    • Highly specialized job

    • Need a higher share

  • Job misclassified

* If you choose the reason “Customer declined price”, you will need to write the price offered as part of additional notes. It will help us suggest amounts to the customer that are more in line with your prices on future job offers.

After canceling the job, you will have the record on the job log on the main job screen. The more details you provide, the better it is for your records, and for making sure you receive jobs that better meet your expectations in the future.

If you are dispatching from a desktop or sending a Jobox Connect job to a pro without the app, the use case will be the same.

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