Introducing Performance Dashboard

App Version: Android: 2.65.310 / iOS: 2.60.0

Performance Dashboard is a simple in-app snapshot that lets you track your on job performance on a weekly or monthly basis.

Key Benefits:

  • Easily track your weekly / monthly total earnings

  • Monitor earnings by job type or hours of working

  • Check all your closed jobs in one place

  • For Jobox Connect Users -- See what earnings you missed so you can accept more jobs from Jobox Connect

How are earnings calculated?

Earnings for each job are calculated based on the Technician cut (% Share of the Job) plus Tips

What are missed earnings on Jobox Connect jobs?

Missed earnings are potential earnings that you may have missed when you failed to 'Accept' a Jobox Connect job and its was revoked. In order avoid missed jobs, please accept jobs from Jobox Connect within 3 minutes of receiving a job on your app. Please Note: Missed earnings does not include jobs that you may have rejected due other commitments or job type.


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