Applicable for App Versions: 2.57.201 - Android and 2.52 - iOS.

Settle immediately after closing the job from your Jobox wallet and skip the weekly settlements. For any cash or check job you close on Jobox Connect, you are now able to:

  • Settle on the spot right when you are closing the job with just one click

  • Have the flexibility to settle at closing or not. Simply toggle the settle button On/Off as you prefer for each job.

  • Save the hassle of keeping track of settling closed jobs. In your report, jobs will be marked as "settled" if you kept the toggle On.

If you have funds in your wallet, the default option is always to settle while closing, unless you turn it off.

Don't have enough funds? No worries. You can settle on Monday at the weekly settlements.

In your report, you will see the settlement status for each job. It will be marked as "settled" if you kept the toggle on.

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