Great job! You completed jobs through Jobox Connect Community and now it's time to settle. Here's how:

Every Monday evening you will receive a chat message in the app with your last week’s owed balance to Jobox Connect. It looks like this:

Check and confirm

How to check your owed balance amount:

  1. In the Jobox app, click on Reports > choose last week dates > in Contacts choose “Jobox Community"

  2. For more details, click on the owed line and see the breakdown of the jobs. You can also export the full report to your email and open the file via CSV or PDF files.

Your balance is reflecting the amount owed after deducting auto-settled jobs.

Auto-settled jobs are credit card jobs that were settled right after the payment was made and the job was closed. You received your cut to the wallet in your app automatically.

Need to make changes in a job?

Write to our Settlement Team via the Support live chat and we will fix it with you!

How to pay the balance?

  • The balance will be deducted automatically from your wallet by Wednesday each week.

  • If your wallet doesn’t have enough funds, an invoice will be sent to your email.

**All settlements are based on Pacific Standard Time

Didn’t pay your weekly settlement?

An unpaid weekly balance will pause your activity on Jobox Connect until further notice. Make sure to pay your balance on time!

How to get paid on jobs you shared with Jobox Connect Community?

You will receive your cut separately to your wallet by Tuesday for all jobs you shared with Jobox Connect Community.

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