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Job occupation from Power Dispatch
Job occupation from Power Dispatch
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You can now set and send the correct Job occupation when sending out jobs, this enables the tech to set the correct job occupation for his receipt when charging the customer. You can configure and edit job occupations from the System settings page.

How can I automate Job Occupation selection?

If you have more than one occupation then you will have to manually select the correct job occupation on the job itself, there is a simpler way though, If you go to the job description settings page you will now be able to set the correct job occupation for each job description and so when you select a job description on Add job then it will automatically pre-fill the correct job occupation for the job. Sadly when using Other you will still need to select the correct job occupation.

Where do I set the job occupation on the actual job?

The Job occupation is present right above the job appointment panel as you can see in this image

We are very excited to bring this update to you and hope it helps you serve your customers better. If you have any issues or feedback you would like to provide please contact us, Thank you, your friendly PowerDispatch team.

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