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Launching Automated Customer Notifications - Release notes
Launching Automated Customer Notifications - Release notes
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You can now send automated messages to your customers letting them know of job updates.

Here are the currently supported functions:

  • Job Created - Once a job is created then a message is sent to the customer to let them know.

  • Job Confirmed by the technician - Once the technician confirms the job or the dispatcher changes the tech status to confirmed (using the right click context menu from the jobs list page) then a message can be sent to the customer to let them know.

  • Job Closed - When the technician or the office closes the job and the job switches to Closed status then a thank you message will be sent to the customer Tip: This is a great place to put in a link asking for a review…

  • Job Cancelled - If the job has been put in cancelled status then you can automatically send a message to the customer to let them know the job has been cancelled.

We have created default messages for you to use which you can turn on right now or you can set up your own custom message.

You can also use job related data to customize the customer message

You can do this by copying the specially formatted text highlighted in bold below and using it within the custom text sections under company settings where you configure the customer communications.

Here are the supported fields:

  • Customer full name: ({FULLNAME})

  • Job ID: ({JOBID})

  • Jobox job ID: ({JOBOXJOBID}) - When one exists, not active yet, coming soon!

  • Full address: ({FULLADDRESS})

  • City name: ({JOBCITYNAME})

  • Zip Code: ({ZIP})

  • Company name: ({COMPANYNAME})

  • Technician name: ({TECHNICIANNAME})

  • Job description: ({JOBDESCRIPTION})

  • Appointment date: ({APPTDATE})

  • Appointment start time: ({APPTSTARTTIME})

  • Appointment end time: ({APPTENDTIME})

Field Service Customer Notifications

To start making use of these great features simply go to the company settings page, choose which updates you want sent to your customers, use the default text or add your own custom text, turn it on using the on/off toggle button and hit save. That’s it, going forward what you have set up will be used when those job changes occur. You can see the customer outbound communications on the messages page under the ‘Show filter’ by selecting the ‘Notices’ or ‘All’ options.

We are very excited to bring this update to you and hope it helps you serve your customers better. If you have any issues or feedback you would like to provide please contact us at 1-888-933-1033, Thank you, your friendly PowerDispatch team.

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