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Release notes for the new Job Comments Revolution!

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You can now find all job-related messages on both the message page AND the job comments!

We understand that efficiency, saving time, and clarity are essential for you, and we are constantly looking for ways to streamline and speed up your workflow. 

Therefore, each message will be attached to the relevant job for easier filtering on the messages page and will also be saved as comments for quick access while reviewing the job.

You can find your messages here:

  • Outbound Job offers - Done automatically

  • Tech portal comments - Done automatically

  • Jobox technician app integration messages - Done automatically

  • Replies from the messages page - Simply click ‘Reply’ or follow up on a job attached message

  • Incoming messages that you have assigned to the job:

  1. Click on “View Messages” on the incoming message

  2. Find the relevant job for this contact

  3. Copy the job ID

  4. Paste into incoming message job ID field

  5. Click enter or click the icon on the left of the job ID field

Other updates and fixes you’ll see in this release include: 

  • Added the ability to easily copy the Job ID from Add Job and Job Popup

  • Some changed Icons

  • Improved online signup process.

  • Increased Tech Portal life to 2 weeks for a live job and 24 hours when the job is closed.

  • Resolved issues sending messages to some email providers

  • Technician status withdrawn from the job after the technician was removed.

  • Resolved issue receiving subscribers replies in messages page. 

  • Resolved the issue with Tmobile blocking certain Email-to-Text messages.

  • Resolved desktop notifications issues

  • Additional bug fixes.

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us at 888-933-1033

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