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4 Tips to Stay Safe and Healthy as a Service Provider
4 Tips to Stay Safe and Healthy as a Service Provider

Protect customers, technicians and your company today

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As a service pro, you’re always on the move: going to job sites, meeting with clients, touching all kinds of surfaces - it’s just part of the job. With health concerns about COVID-19 (coronavirus) going around, we at Jobox want to share a few things to look out for and helpful tips to stay safe in your industry. 

1. Know your customers 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about your customer’s situation and the environment you’re invited to. Before meeting with the customer, ask who will be present during the service and ask if they’re showing any symptoms. If the job is at a public place, try to schedule it at off-hours when there are fewer people around. 

 2. Protect yourself and your team 

If you or one of your techs is experiencing any symptoms, transfer jobs to someone else. Take a sick day - it’s not worth getting your customer or the rest of your team sick. 

3. Wash, wash, wash!

Wash your hands as much as you can with soap and warm water. Protect your face and avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. Sneeze and cough into your elbow if you won’t make it to your tissue box. Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces. Add sanitized wipes, hand sanitizer, and tissues to your inventory list.

4. Don’t shake hands with customers

You can wave, tap elbows, bow, or even salute, but avoid physical contact. Explain this upfront to your customers and they will appreciate it.

Keep yourself and your workers safe and healthy! 

Disclaimer - We are pros but not doctors or medical experts. This article includes suggestions and is not a medical recommendation. Check out some more helpful resources here: 


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