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Understanding Owe/Collect
Understanding Owe/Collect

Easy settlements with balance calculations for each of your contacts

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Every time you work a job with one of your contacts, one of may need to collect funds from the other to cover the cut, parts, or fees. Jobox makes it easy to prepare to settle with your contacts with reports! 

In your Reports and your Reports Summary, you will clearly see what you owe or should collect from each of your contacts. This may be different with each contact based on the jobs either of you closed during the report dates. 

Learn more about how your balance is calculated.

Owe - The amount you need to pay your contact.
Collect - The amount your contact needs to pay you.

Note: Your report will have an amount in either Owe or Collect, but never both. Your final action on reports will be either to pay or collect from your contact.  


Self Jobs 

When you're both the owner and the technician on the job, we call this a self job. For self jobs, you don't have to share money with any of your contacts, so there's nothing to collect or owe! 

Self Jobs with Auto-Wallet Transfer

If you work on a team and have an auto-wallet transfer set to transfer money to a contact for all your jobs, your Owe/Collect columns on reports will be empty for self jobs. 

When you email yourself an Excel report, you'll see empty cells in the Owe/Collect for these jobs. This is because there is no one to settle with on self jobs. If you want reports to show the amount of the auto-wallet transfer that you need to collect, you can add the receiver of the auto-wallet transfer as the owner of the job.

Self Jobs with External Payment 

When you accept external payment for a self job, the Collect/Owe columns will also be empty because the report does not include a contact for you to collect from. If you want reports to show the amount of the external payment that you need to collect, you can add the receiver of the external payment transfer as the owner of the job.

- The Jobox Team 

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