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Understanding My Net Cut
Understanding My Net Cut

What is a "Net Cut" and how is it calculated?

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If you see a "Net Cut" in your Reports Summary and Job Details, you likely transfer jobs to your contacts. When you receive a job from one contact, and transfer to another, your cut is calculated using the agreements you have with each contact. 

Another way to think of your Net Cut is the amount left over after both the owner and the tech get their cut. 

For example: 

You receive a job from Joe, with an agreement that you split the total 50% owner cut and 50% tech cut.

Then, you pass the job to Larry with an agreement that you split the job 60% owner cut and 40% tech cut.

Larry closes the job for $100, so his cut will be $40, and yours will be $60. 

From your $60, you need to pay Joe, the job owner, 50% of the job total, or $50. 

This leaves $10 in your pocket. This is your Net Cut.  

Note: Sometimes your tech has closed a job, but you’re waiting to close it to the owner. If you generate a Report Summary while some jobs are not yet closed to the owner, your Net Cut will be estimated using the original job agreements you have with job owners. If you change the agreements before closing, your Net Cut will update accordingly. 

-The Jobox Team. 

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