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Your Reports Summary: Full Guide
Your Reports Summary: Full Guide

How to get insights and settlement info from your Reports Summary

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Your Reports Summary is the best place to review your jobs and prepare to settle with your contacts.  

Get the full walkthrough of your new Reports Summary screens in action: 

Understanding Key Terms:

Your Reports Summary is a glance at all your jobs for specific dates. Get to know the sections:

Date & Contact Filters 

To see jobs closed during specific dates or with certain contacts, adjust the date and contact filters at the top of the screen. 

By Contact or By Job

The tabs at the bottom of the screen allow you to change your view. 


This tab groups jobs by the contact that you closed them with. You can see the number of jobs closed and the ending balance for the Report Summary dates. There will be no balance for jobs under "Only Me" because you own the job and don’t have any contacts to owe or collect from.


This view shows all jobs closed during the Report Summary dates, sorted by the time they were closed. You can also tap into each job to see the details.  

Show Payment Breakdown

To see a detailed breakdown of how your customers paid for your jobs, you can tap the arrows and expand the payments section.

Email Reports

You can tap the export icon in the top right corner to email yourself a report using the current filters. The report will be sent to the email associated with your account

Enjoy your new Reports Summary, and get to work!
-The Jobox Team

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