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App Permissions - Android
App Permissions - Android

Learn about the permissions Jobox asks from you

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As you use the Jobox app, we will ask for permissions to access some of your phone's features. Allowing these permissions ensures you can access the best Jobox has to offer! 

We take privacy very seriously at Jobox, and we want to assure you that any permissions you authorize are used only to enable app features. You can review our detailed privacy policy here

Heres a more in-depth look at each category: 

Camera -  Access to your camera enables you to send photos in Chat and upload an account photo.

Contacts - Jobox asks for this access so you can easily import contacts. Bringing your phone's contacts into the app makes it easy to send and receive jobs, chat, and send money.

Location - Your current location is used to show you the best route to your next job. Your Jobox Card Reader also requires a location in order to connect to your phone by Bluetooth.  

Microphone - Jobox requests access to your microphone so you can record and send voice messages. 

Storage - In areas of low network connectivity, storage is used to temporarily save photos and chats to your device. When you reach an reach an area with better service, these will automatically re-send and be deleted from your device.

You can control which app permissions Jobox has at any time in your phone's settings.

If you have any questions about these permissions, you can always contact us!

-The Jobox Team

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